The Wonderful Real Estate Market in Santorini

With the unique combination of magnificent beaches, deep sea and picturesque landscapes Santorini, Greece has become a tourist hot spot attracting thousands of visitors each year. A growing number of people are now opting to visit Santorini to enjoy its magnificent natural beauty by means of exploring Santorini travel destinations and wholesale santorini real estate. It is an island in Greece, which was visited by ancient Greeks and still attracts many visitors every year. In this article I will introduce some of the most popular places and tourist activities you can enjoy in Santorini, Greece.

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It is no surprise that Panorama Arch is one of the most photographed places in all of Greece. It is located on a cliff overlooking the village of Kato Pani. This arch is made of limestone and is visible from the village of Psalidi which overlooks the arch. It is also the location of the village of Xyra who are famous for their traditional dancing and food. The view from here is simply breathtaking and a must-see if you are in Santorini at any time during the year.

Kato Pani is also called the Queen of the Aegean Sea Beaches. If you were lucky enough to book a resort in Santorini during the peak season (the best time to visit is from May to October when the weather is warm) you would be blessed indeed. On the island of Santorini a long stretch of sandy beach runs parallel to the shore. At each end of this long stretch is a luxurious resort that offers guests a wide selection of hotel and resort accommodation options. Among the most popular ones are the following:

Just a short distance away from the beach front resort of Xyra is the village of Psalidi. It is also home to some beautiful pine trees. There are a number of good restaurants and bars in Psalidi. There are also many bars and nightclubs open into the sea and it is often possible to hire boats and other water sports to enjoy these facilities during the warmer months.

Kavo Gorge is a must-see spot for anyone planning a holiday in Santorini. This is where the wholesale santorini real estate agents can find good bargains and deals. The views are spectacular and the shopper will be rewarded with amazing views of volcanic landscapes, waterfalls and cascades. Many hotel and resort guests also like to sample the local cuisine.

One of the best-known beaches on the island is Kefalonia beach. This is a small beach, less than one square mile, but it has an amazing view. Many visitors come here to watch the lifeguard dogs chase swimmers and also to try surfing. Some of the other activities in this area include snorkeling, banana rides, swimming, kayaking, and windsurfing. There are also many cafes, restaurants and bars and a variety of other activities available.

The top shopping locations in Santorini are Psalidi Old Town and the old part of the village of Calycora. Many tourists stay in Kefalonia and shop in the wholesale santorini real estate shops. The fresh produce and seafood markets are very popular. You should also check out the antique markets as well.

The climate of Santorini is tropical. Summers are warm and the nights are cool and the days are mostly pleasant. Winters are not too harsh and the weather is perfect for relaxing at any time of the day. If you decide to buy wholesale santorini real estate, you have all the space and flexibility that this exotic location offers. With so many wonderful amenities and luxurious amenities, it is easy to see why people from all over the world are buying Santorini real estate.