Tips on Buying Bulk Seeds

Due to high demand wholesale seeds can meet a whole wide demand for bulk seeds of good quality that offer total control and a quick delivery time. So if you don't find the variety of seed you're searching for at local retail store, please don't hesitate to contact us and will do our best to acquire it for you quickly. We offer excellent wholesale prices and value for your money. We have been selling excellent quality bulk food and bulk dried products since 1987 and always strive to offer only the best quality seed products available.

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When buying bulk marijuana or cannabis seeds, always ensure that they are certified with the most stringent of standards. Some popular brand names like SunDance and Humboldt are just few examples that offer excellent quality for a fair price. You may get higher quantity for the same price as low quality bulk cannabis and marijuana seeds may produce lower quantity of buds. There is always risk when purchasing bulk seeds and marijuana products.

A number of great varieties of low-grade marijuana or cannabis seeds are: Black Seed, White Seed, Sativa Seeds, Sterile or Hybrid Seeds, Bermuda or Sweet White Weed, Bush, Partial hybrid or Biotic Weed and Hawaiian Plants. Black seed is considered as one of the best bulk cannabis seeds available and is highly sought after variety due to its high germination rate. It is resistant against a number of pests and possesses unique trait that contributes to its resistance. White seed has a higher germination rate than black seed, but also low yield. These varieties are more expensive and they are hard to find.

Sativa is a great variety of cannabis seeds that produces feminized plants. It is resistant against common pests, cold climate and diseases and produces a large amount of resin during pollination. All the cannabis seeds mentioned above are highly resistant against different varieties of pests and they also produce a high quantity of resin during flowering. Some of the best Sativa varieties that are quite popular among the growers are Hump, White, Red Cross, Afghani, Bush, Bronze, Hamamelis, Diesel, Sicilian and Moroccan.

White is another great variety of high-quality wholesale marijuana seeds that produce small dark green buds. These buds have high content of cannabidiol (CBD), the substance that produces a good mood and sedative feeling in human beings. White is not as resistant as other varieties and is usually resistant to cold weather. It also has a high smoke output and good aroma. However, it does not contain high quality cannabidiol (CBD).

Several indoor growers around the world raise this variety of flower because of its disease and insect resistant features. They are usually found in California and Washington State. A good illustration of this strain is Hawaiian Papaver paeoniflorum L., which is popular among indoor growers due to its disease and insect resistance traits. This flower is popular for its large flower and small white star shaped flowers. This flower blooms in May and June.

Another type of high-quality cannabis seeds used by the wholesale marijuana seed producers is the glass jar seed. This variety of cannabis seeds is very rare and it is cultivated only at high elevations in Morocco. It can be easily maintained by keeping it under the sun and keeping the jar outside in the open during most part of the year. During flowering time, this can be gently moved under the shelter of the garden and water can be regularly added to ensure that the plant is receiving sufficient amount of sunlight.

In general, the cannabis with the highest potency is the MSNL or Super Low Liquid. However, it is recommended that you buy only from a licensed seed producer. MSNL is a special kind of MSN or National Medical Laboratory Network strains that is cultivated especially for the sole purpose of human consumption. These varieties are very easy to cultivate and are used by professional breeders for developing various medical drugs. These are exclusively imported into USA from all over the world.