Tomatoes Seed Starting Tips
Tomatoes seeds

Tomatoes Seed Starting Tips

Tomatoes are perhaps the most commonly grown and consumed fruits, next to apples. Their tasty flavor has won the hearts of many Americans. With this popularity has come a great number of varieties that have hit the market making it difficult for consumers to choose the right one. Tomato varieties come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and even flavors. Finding the right variety for you can be overwhelming.

There are two primary ways to go about choosing the right type of tomato variety for you. The first way is to go directly to a farm or garden center and purchase seeds or tomato seeds from them. These seed catalogs contain a list of all of the available varieties for you to choose from. They also will give you an idea of how much each variety should cost. Seed catalogs are a valuable resource when deciding what kind of variety tomato seeds to get.

Another way to find the right types of tomato seeds is to look at a book of seed starting tips. Many people don't realize that just because they have found seeds at the store does not mean that they have the right ones. A good book of seed starting instructions will give you detailed information on which tomato varieties are best for your climate and how to care for them. If you purchase seeds, you need to follow all instructions carefully to ensure that your plants grow up healthy.

Tomatoes normally bloom from June to October. Once the flowers open up they go into a dormant state called dormancy. During this time they produce little fruit. You can determine which varieties of tomatoes are best for your area by reading books on the subject of tomato seeds. If you live in a very cold area then you may want to focus on tomato varieties that require more heat in order to bloom.

One important aspect of caring for your tomato seedlings is providing adequate nutrition. You should provide them with an adequate amount of water as well as compost to keep their roots happy. Keep in mind that while your seedlings are in dormancy their leaves will drop. Any insects or pests that are present will eat them before long.

It is also important to know that tomato varieties you should be growing depending on the climates in your area. You should consider planting warm season varieties if you live in a warm climate while cool season tomato varieties should be planted in your greenhouse during winter months. The best way to know what varieties are best for your climate is to read up on various tomato seeds and planting guides.

You can purchase various heirloom tomatoes through catalogs as well as through the mail. In most cases you should use the heirloom varieties. Heirloom tomatoes tend to have a longer shelf life than do the average varieties. This means that they are great for growing tomatoes over the years since they are used to different climatic conditions. If you are not sure which varieties to get you should consult a local gardening store and ask for advice.

Tomatoes are susceptible to frostbite, so it is recommended that you protect them from frost dates by either wrapping them or covering them with a plastic bag. Tomatoes seeds will need to be sown in large pots prior to your first planting. The seed packages will tell you when the proper time to plant them but it may be several weeks earlier than the seedling planting date. Keep the soil around the seedlings moist at all times.