When is the Best Time to Start Growing Your Oriental Greens?
Oriental greens seeds

When is the Best Time to Start Growing Your Oriental Greens?

Oriental greens are a very nutritious and versatile plant that can be grown almost anywhere. Growing them is fairly simple. The main challenge is to make sure they have plenty of nutrients so they don't dry out. It is usually recommended that they are planted in loose soil so they can get enough air. They prefer full sun, but they will do fine on light shaded areas too.

To germinate, oriental greens seeds should be sown in a shallow hole about 4 inches bigger than the biggest part of the plant. Be sure to place them into a dark spot like an exterior window. They should be placed in potting soil with broken or well rotted soil. They should then be kept in about half water, but this can range depending on the location you live in. You want to sow them when their roots are about a half inch long.

Once you have located the best time for sowing your Oriental greens, you need to prepare the soil. Start by putting in about two tablespoons of brown grit of any other color into your sump. This makes it easier for the roots to latch onto. Then add half a cup of lime per 6-inch pot, or a quarter cup of rock salt per 8-inch pot. Mix these ingredients together well to make a thick paste.

Once you have the correct mixture, it is time to start preparing the soil for your Oriental greens seedlings. Make sure you place the pots in a sunny spot for about a week prior to the best time to plant them. The reason is that during this period the weather will usually be hotter. It is also recommended that you water the soil every couple days, especially if the weather is really hot.

Once the soil has been prepared, it is time to put the seedlings in the holes and water them well. You may want to look at using a plastic cover to make sure the little ones stay cool. Oriental greens generally do not like the sun, so making sure they stay dry is very important. Once the seedlings have finished growing, you will notice that there will be tiny holes around the edges of their roots. These holes will eventually become the leaves of the plants.

Make sure you fertilize your plants correctly during the growing season. During this time, you will want to take the time to air out the soil, so it can return to its natural state. You should mulch your greens once the planting season has ended. You can purchase premixed mulch from most garden centers, or you can mix your own. Do not use anything artificial, like rock salt, as this can actually damage the roots. Keep in mind that the ideal environment for your seedlings is something that is slightly acidic, so the soil is much more likely to work with your chosen fertilizer.

For new plants, you may choose to just let them get some sunlight, and this is a good option for the first year. In the second year, you can place a greenhouse on the back of the house. This will make it possible for you to get those indoor plantings going as soon as you decide to get started. Over the winter, you can move the greenhouse indoors, but you may find that your oriental greens will not grow very well without being watered at least twice a day.

When you get your seedlings, be sure that they are in a very warm area. Oriental greens like the heat, so there is no reason to have them anyplace else. If you have an inside plant with these seeds, you may find that you will have to move them quite often, so make sure that you have a good spot where they will get the right amount of sunlight, and warmth. This is the best time to start thinking about the health of your new plants. If you do not have a sunny window, you may want to consider putting a flat screen television or wall to keep the heat out when it is too hot outside.