Where to Find Wholesale Black Cherry Tomato Seeds
wholesale Black Cherry Tomato seeds

It is difficult to find a reliable source of wholesale Black Cherry Tomato seeds, but they do exist. When searching for seeds, you need to know which region the tomato will thrive in. Don't settle for seeds that say they will grow in a certain area, like Florida, if you're in Pennsylvania. Climate and soil type are crucial, so make sure to choose the right kind for your area. And once you've found the seeds you want, enjoy growing them!

This open-pollinated variety produces large, luscious 1" black cherry tomatoes with a smoky undertone. The flesh is juicy and sweet with a complex, spicy, and deep flavor. It is a prolific plant, with fruit clusters averaging 8-10 inches across. The tomato is also elegant as an edible garnish and enhances appetizer trays. Besides enhancing appetizer trays, the tomato also works well in salads, salsa, and gazpao.

The best place to plant black cherry tomato seeds is in a sunny position. This type of tomato is easy to grow and prolific. They prefer soils with a pH range of 5.5 to 7.0. It is a perennial plant that will grow in zones 10 and above. Once planted, you should water it four to six times a week. The seeds should be organic. If you plan to sell them in the market, you should double your plants.