Wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds
wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds

Wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds

If you're looking for a pre-1890 heirloom, you might consider trying the Cherokee Purple Tomato. This heirloom, reportedly of Cherokee Indian descent, is known for its large smooth fruits with slightly ridged shoulders and a deep, unique color. It's also resistant to leaf spot and Septoria. This tomato is widely available and grows in many regions, including the Midwest. Twin Oaks Seed Farm in Louisa, VA, grows Cherokee Purple tomatoes. This variety is included in the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste.

A heirloom tomato that has been favored by home gardeners for generations, the Cherokee Purple has a delicious meaty flesh and is ideal for sauces. It's also easy to harvest from its vine. All you need is a pole and you're good to go. These seeds have a sweet, fruity flavor that's great for salads or caprese salad. In fact, Mother Earth News recommends them as a perfect addition to any garden.

In addition to their beautiful colors, Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds are also available for wholesale purchase. This heirloom variety has an amazing blend of flavor. Originally grown by the Cherokee nation, the seed was shared with a Tennessee family for 100 years. The tomato seeds were passed down to Craig LeHoullier, a famous Tennessee tomato connoisseur. As such, the name Cherokee Purple has remained ever since.

These heirloom seeds are known for their delicious taste and are ideal for making sauces or adding to salads. They are easy to grow on vines and don't require much care. With a little help, you can harvest the fruit without any problems. Just remember to pick the fruit early or the plants will become stunted. They're best planted early in cool climates 3-5 weeks before the last predicted frost.

When it comes to growing Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, you can choose the type that will grow well in your backyard. For instance, you can choose to grow these tomatoes on your porch or in your backyard. The Cherokee Purple Tomato is a popular choice for home gardeners. They can grow up to twelve inches tall, and they're heat tolerant. You'll be able to use the tomatoes in salads or sauces, and your tomatoes will be the envy of your friends.

Aside from wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds, you can also buy the heirloom varieties from local nurseries. While they can be grown in your backyard, it's best to purchase them in bulk from a nursery. These tomatoes grow fast, have large seeds, and are an excellent choice for small garden starter plants. You can also save money by growing these tomatoes yourself and storing them for later. You'll save money on grocery bills when you purchase them in bulk.

A good quality Cherokee Purple Tomato is a slicer type heirloom that has an intense flavor. The tomato is dusky pink-purple in color and has darker shoulders. It's 80 days long and has a pronounced sweetness. It's best to stake the plants and prune them, but you can also use them in cages and tall trellises. This heirloom tomato has the highest yield of any heirloom tomato and is recommended for home gardeners by Mother Earth News.

A variety of Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds can be grown locally or purchased from a nursery. If you're looking for heirlooms, you'll want to check out local nurseries to find the best ones. You can also order wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds for your own garden. In this case, you don't need to worry about shipping costs because you'll already have the plants in your own yard.

You can buy wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds online. Whether you're looking for small or large quantities, you'll be able to find the perfect seedlings to suit your needs. If you live in a warm climate, you'll have plenty of choices for tomatoes, including the Cherokee Purple. You'll be able to grow this variety in a container for ease of transportation. If you're in a warmer climate, you'll enjoy its distinctive, sweet smoky flavor.