Wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds

Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds are one of the most sought after exotic shrubs. Growing these beauties in your garden is a pleasure all their own. It is hard to beat the scent of sweet juicy tomatoes as they ripen. The sweet, tangy taste only increases with maturity. The beautiful purple flowers sure to please any garden are worth the effort for those who grow them. They truly are an heirloom variety that should be part of every horticulturist's arsenal.

In the South they are most often known as Cajun tomatoes. In addition to being a delicious flavor they are also known for their size. We see them being used in dishes and for garnishing. You will find these purple tomatoes available at your local nursery and from catalogs as well. If you do not have access to the Internet many sources for Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds are found at your local nursery.

If you are new to growing exotic plants or seeds, this may be a difficult choice. While there are dozens of varieties of purple bushy tomatoes that can be grown, not all are quite suited for the beginning gardener. That is why it is important to consider carefully which seed you plant and how it will be received. For starters, wild seeded varieties can be quite a handful. However, with some careful planning you can avoid some of the issues that can occur. To this end you may want to consult a local nursery about purchasing Cherokee Purple Tomatoes or any other variety for that matter.

Purple bushy tomatoes are sold as heirloom tomatoes and in many cases are quite easy to grow. Even so, if you have never grown exotic plants before you may want to start out with a small planting set. Tomatoes are typically quite forgiving and you can easily move them to a larger area after the initial trouble has been taken care of. Cherokee Purple Tomatoes makes an excellent pair with heirloom tomatoes for those who are looking for a fairly simple yet elegant starter tomato.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering planting seeds of this purple variety of tomato. First and foremost, Cherokee Purple Tomatoes should be planted in full sun. Although they do tolerate partial shade, their taste really comes through when they are fully grown. This means that you should move the seeds far enough away from the sunlight to avoid scorching them. Purple tomatoes should be mulched frequently during their first two years of production. They will continue to benefit from the mulch even as they reach harvest time.

There is no reason to purchase Cherokee Purple Tomatoes if you aren't going to plant them in your garden. Instead, look into heirloom varieties of these purple tomatoes that are more suitable for the beginner gardener. Some of the best hybrid selections come from seed companies that specialize in heirloom tomatoes. These companies will allow you to get high quality seeds, though some hybrid varieties may require some soil prep work on your part. You can also save a great deal of money by purchasing heirloom seeds rather than hybrid ones. Because many people find that hybrid varieties tend to have better taste and flavor, they have become much more popular than they were in the past.

While you can save money by buying Cherokee Purple Tomatoes online, you can also save yourself a lot of hassle by visiting farmer's markets that are held in your local area. At these events, there will probably be at least a few vendors who are selling heirloom varieties of Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. If you live in a city, you should also be able to find vendors who are selling Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. These vendors know the hype about these purple tomatoes and would never let it escape their attentions. They are also one of the best sources for buying cheap and quality Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

Another good way to get wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomatoes is to ask your friends and neighbors if they have any extra seeds that they do not use. It's also a good idea to check your local phone directory under "seeds" or "harvest seeds" so you will have an easy time finding any empty seed packets. Once you have located a farmer who has some Cherokee Purple tomatoes that he would be willing to sell you, be sure to inspect the plant carefully before you purchase the seeds. Make sure the berries are not damaged and the quality of the soil is very good. If everything checks out, then you could have just saved yourself a lot of money.