Wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds For Your Garden

If you live in the South and are interested in growing more tomatoes, you should look into wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds. These extremely tasty plants are grown in the Southeastern part of the nation and produce huge, juicy tomatoes. Many large restaurants utilize them frequently as part of their salad mixes. The taste of these seeds is very good, and the flavor will stay with you for weeks after you have eaten them.

wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds

These purple seeds are an excellent choice for starting your own seed company. They can be used to develop hundreds of different types of tomatoes over the course of just one growing season. This is just one more benefit you get out of them. They are easy to grow and yield delicious, nutritious tomatoes each and every time.

Before you buy any Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds, you need to determine just how much space you plan on using them in. Some varieties of these purple seeds, such as the Tahitian Sunburst, are extremely popular and need a lot of space to grow. The smaller ones, such as the Carolina Spring Beauty, do well if you space them out in containers. If you are just growing them in the garden around your home, some varieties will require a trellis system.

You also need to know just how far apart the seeds you are planting should be. The closer you plant them, the more likely they will come up to the light. The closer they get to the light, the higher the yield of tomatoes you will receive. There are exceptions of course, and some varieties will do better if they come up through the ground rather than through the air. Whichever method you choose, the seeds you choose for growing these highly prolific plants should be relatively small. Small, mature seeds help keep the plants from becoming too bushy.

When you are ready to sow your Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds, it is best to start them in small pots. Just make sure that they do not touch one another during their growing period. Once they have sprouted, they will all need to be replanted each year. This is why it is important to choose small pots that are not taller than your head. If you space them too closely, the roots may have a hard time getting enough air and nutrients, which could cause them to fail.

When you have your Cherokee Purple Tomatoes planted, they will need to be fed regularly. If you place them outdoors, it is a good idea to stake them so that they will be easier to tend to. If they get heavy, however, they may rot, so you will want to check on them to see if they need watering before you plant them. You can water them with a sprinkler or hose but avoid dropping seed packets into the soil.

Once your Cherokee Purple Grapevines has grown up to about three feet tall, they will be ready to enjoy. You should see new growth in the top of the plant and new leaves starting to emerge. The taste should be very good, because this is where the seeds were collected. You may want to try a tasting of them before you harvest them to determine how they are along with other varieties.

The best time to plant Cherokee Purple Grapevines in your garden is from early spring to late summer. They will tolerate some heat, but they prefer a cooler climate. During late summer, they will flower, producing small purple berries that contain lots of chlorophyll. The next time you want some tasty tasting food, consider buying wholesale Cherokee purple grapevines and planting them in your garden.