Wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds – The Health Benefits of Growing These Purple Tomatoes

If you are new to growing purple tomatoes, Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds is an excellent choice for a starter plant. They have large, oval-shaped flowers that are purple in color. They love lots of sunlight and moisture, so an area of full sun is perfect. However, if your climate is mainly humid, or has little, or no sun, the Cherokee Purple Tomatoes will not thrive like they should.

wholesale Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds

The first thing to note about growing these types of tomatoes is that they need a lot of moisture. This is a known fact. It does not matter what variety you have, they will all need at least a week of well water per week. It is very important that you know where this is going, because if you do not cover the soil properly, it will run dry in a matter of a month or two.

There are two varieties of Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, which is the South Fork and the North Fork. The South Fork has a larger array of hybrid seeds. These hybrid seeds will not produce as many seeds as the North Fork variety, but they will still produce fruit that is highly perishable. Do not let this discourage you from planting them! The South Fork hybrids have some very good growing qualities. They are quite large, have very healthy roots and produce a bumper crop of tasty and beautiful purple tomatoes each year.

Once you have located a location that has plenty of both sun and moisture, you can start growing your Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. Planting them this way will take some extra care in the beginning, but they will payoff in the end. The main concern when it comes to growing seeds is to not over water them. This can lead to some problems down the road, but the more extra time and effort you put into the early stages of development, the less problems you will encounter once they are established.

As you plant your Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds, be careful not to get any of the purple tomato seeds inside your plant. The seeds will produce little fruits that are very fragile. If the Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds do get inside your plant, you could end up with tiny little black or purple splotches covering your plant. Luckily, the little black splotches will not affect your plants health or flavor. It will just be an unsightly blemish. That's all there is to it.

When your Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds start to germinate, keep the soil cool. If you're trying to sprout your purple tomatoes right away, you should move the pots around at least once a day. The soil should be warm while it's germinating but not hot. Hot soil will encourage the germination of the Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds. Once the soil is warm, it will be ready for seedlings.

Just like other plants, Cherokee Purple Tomatoes can have problems when they don't get enough sunlight or if their growing conditions are bad. Make sure you don't plant your seeds near tall trees, fence posts and electric wires. You should also try to plant them as close to your home as possible. Because the leaves of this plant grow fast, you should protect them from wind by placing them on pieces of wood or strong boards. If you do find them growing on a fence post, use a trellis to help support them and make your garden look neater.

If you want to grow your own Cherokee Purple Tomato, you should be prepared for a little extra work. This is one of the harder hybrid tomato varieties to grow, so you'll need to put a little extra time and care into your tomato planting. That doesn't mean that the rewards of these tasty berries aren't worth it. Once you have those sweet little berries in your garden, you'll find that eating them is almost addictive. They taste so good, in fact, that your neighbors may soon think you have diabetes because of your passion for growing them!