Wholesale Dads – How to Make Your Dad a Buyer at Books
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Wholesale Dads - How to Make Your Dad a Buyer at Books

If you are looking for a new hobby, or a new career option, then wholesale Dads may be the perfect choice for you. Just what are "Wholesale Dads"? Well, they are guys who sell their own products, but at a very large scale. These men and women either do it as a side job, or a main source of income! There are many reasons to consider earning money by selling wholesale items to other people.

What's hot right now? Fathers! Fathers are in especially high demand. Why? It's simple really, they love their kids, and would love to share some of the responsibilities, but just don't want to burden themselves with constant housework, etc. So they look for someone else to do it.

So what kind of things can they purchase wholesale? Well, they can get anything from, you guessed it, Flowers, to BBQ utensils, to Knick Knacks, to Books, to CDs and DVDs, to E-Books, to etc. The list is endless. There are so many items available, that just about any niche can find something there. Also, dads may want to buy several small things to build a small store, or to start a Gift Basket Business.

So, what's the catch? Well, in this day and age, a lot of people want a handheld device, such as a PDA, cell phone, iPod, or handheld like the Kindle or Nook. All these devices require a serial number. Also, it is illegal (under federal law anyway) to sell these devices to underage buyers.

So how do I make some money by offering these wholesale products to dads? Simple! It's called... Wholesale Dad's Clubs! And you can start with just a few extra items to place in each of your clubs, such as:

*Books! - The new bestselling book this year was "The New Comprehensive Language Guide: Third Edition." Authors Stephen R. Covey and Kevin Dunn have gathered all the most popular words and phrases from several languages and made them into an easy to read, comprehensive reference. This book teaches children how to read, write, and speak just like an adult. Sell this book at Costco and make a killing!

* Movies - Both "asin" and "the Happily Ever After" just finished filming. These two are selling like hotcakes. Plus, the summer will be here before you know it. So, why not stock up on these DVDs and watch your dads enjoy themselves? I'll bet your dad's will love watching these two movies!

And don't forget Dad's Tools! - Great for Dad's tools and hobbies. My favorite tool store sells a hand held drill, a socket set, and a screw gun. You can never have too much storage for Dad. Plus, the gun makes a great addition to your garage. Stock up on all of these items this year and make Dad proud!

Sports - Did you know that your local mall has an indoor basketball court where Dad can get together with his buddies to play pick-up games? The cool thing about this option is that Dad gets to keep all of the proceeds from the games. Now that's what I call a win-win situation! Dad wins!

Tools - What about tools Dad doesn't use on a regular basis? Don't throw away those old power tools you have collecting dust! By purchasing these items, you will be helping your dad out tremendously. Check out the power tools I'm talking about; they include:

- Office Supplies - Want your office desk organized? You can always just purchase a filing cabinet and a desk organizer. These items will also help you save space since you won't have to add any drawers or shelves. Just throw everything in the cabinets and you're good to go!

Bookworms - Have you considered how great it would be if your Dad could read all of the latest books and magazines? By purchasing books for your father, not only will he be learning to read, but he'll be acquiring some of the best literature around. You can find wholesale dads' books at your nearest bookstore, or you can purchase books online. Just check out some of the hottest authors such as: Mark Twain, Herman Melville, John Steinbeck, and E.L. James.