Wholesale Micro-Tom Tomato Seeds

Micro Tomatoes, the smaller cousin of the larger variety, is an excellent choice for new gardeners. They have a high yield and taste great! You'll find them at your local nursery or farmer's market. They can be planted in the same spot that you would plant a tomato tree, but since they're smaller, you can spread them out easier and make them grow more slowly. With the appropriate care, you'll enjoy delicious fresh tomatoes from June to August, with plenty to harvest in autumn.

wholesale Micro Tom Tomato seeds

When buying seeds, you need to understand that each variety is different. The ones you get at the nursery might not be the same when you get them at a garden center. The conditions of each variety will determine which seeds will germinate quickly and that may take a little longer. Some varieties, such as the Giant or Honey Bear, tend to have higher germination rates than others. The smaller varieties, such as the Looe, fare better when transplanted into containers.

When it comes time to plant, there are a few things to remember before you get started. Get a few good watering tips if you're going to plant these in the ground. Keep an eye on the plant to make sure it gets enough water. If the soil is too dry, they'll not get enough sunlight to survive.

After planting, keep an eye on them. You'll want to remove any dead leaves and flowers as well as cut the plant back to about one to two feet tall. You can repot them about every third year, or just as often as you think necessary. If you spot them too soon, they'll die. If you over-water them, they'll go into a brown-or black mess.

Wholesale Tomatoes seeds aren't hard to find. Just remember to buy from a reputable supplier. As you probably know, you'll pay more for wholesale seeds than you will for retail seeds. That's why it's important to research a company that you trust.

Once you have a distributor, you need a place to grow your wholesale tomatoes. There are several options here. You can purchase a few stakes at a local nursery, where you'll have to hope they produce something worthwhile. You can also find great pots at yard sales and markets. You can even dig them up and repot them!

One thing to consider when choosing a container for your wholesale tomato plants is drainage. This is important because you don't want water or fertilizer to wash away. It's also important to pick containers that are large enough for your plants. A common recommendation is 10 gallon pots but remember they're delicate so don't over-water!

Tomatoes love sunshine and fresh air. That's why you should plant them in an area where there is plenty of morning light. Also consider getting your wholesale micro Tom tomato seeds from a nursery that offers these things. Your supplier should be able to tell you exactly which plants will grow well in the space you have available. They should also be able to recommend a plan that will allow you to fill in all the gaps in your garden.

Tomatoes love mulch but do not get it too close to their roots. Do not mulch tomatoes after they have flowered or they will rot. Mulching also makes the plants more compact and extends their life. Just make sure you do not over-mulch as this will stunt your plants.

The best time to transplant or seedlings is about two weeks before the last frost. Tomatoes need some time to acclimatize to their new home. Make sure you follow the directions carefully when you do. Be careful with watering and fertilizing because the soil can become very heavy if you do not read the instructions.

Tomatoes are low maintenance plants and will reward you with sweet juicy fresh tasting tomatoes. The best way to grow them is from seed. You can purchase wholesale seeds at a nursery or a gardening store. Just be sure to choose those that are certified by the California Seed Industry Association. Once you get started you'll be glad you did and will be growing delicious tasty tomatoes all summer long!