Wholesale Rebekah Allen Tomato Seeds

Rebekah Allen, one of the most famous African American inventors, brought to light what we know today as tomato. Her bold experiments with tomatoes resulted in crops that were stronger, sweeter, and more tasty than any other garden product from that day. Her success led her to introduce her wholesale products, which are still sold to this day. For years, her seeds have been sought after for their use in growing tomatoes. Through hard work and countless trial and error, Rebekah Allen has perfected her tomato plants, and with her seeds, she has opened doors for others to enjoy the same benefits.

There are two types of Rebekah Allen tomato seeds available at wholesale prices. One type is used to start seedlings for planting out; these seeds must be sown in pots and cared for until the plant is big enough to be planted outdoors. The second type of seeds is used to reproduce seeds that can be planted into a larger tomato plant. These seeds are very powerful, but must be started indoors.

When buying seeds, you want to buy them from a reputable source, one that can provide you with healthy plant life. A good place to look is at your local nursery, where they can explain to you about the various breeds of tomato plants that are available. There are different kinds of seeds, and some are better for certain kinds of climates. Some of the most popular varieties include:

Hybrid varieties can produce fruit that is bigger and bulkier than ordinary seeds, but they will not produce the kind of vigorous, healthy plant life that comes from regular seeds. Hybrid seeds should not be started by any novice gardener, unless you plan to start your own tomato patch. Buying in large quantities is usually a good idea if you intend to plant to replant in the future. Try and buy the hybrid varieties that have already been proven to grow well in the climate and soil of your region. These will generally be more expensive, but you will get a better crop than you would with just any old seed. Ask to see pictures of the plant life they have provided so you can choose which ones to purchase.

Do not assume that just because a tomato variety has a long shelf life, that it will be an easy plant to grow. This is not always the case. Make sure that any seeds you purchase are certified for sale, because you will need certification for planting outside in the garden.

It is also very important that you do not plant your seeds directly into your garden. This can be very dangerous. Seeds can easily be smothered in water and killed. Buying wholesale Rebekah Allen seeds is not a bad idea, but do not go too far with it. Use them sparingly and always use gloves when planting.

You should only plant these in fertile, well-drained soil. Do not try to over-fertilize them, as it can be very detrimental to the growth of your plants. Keep the soil moist but not wet, but do not drown it either. Add fertilizer about twice each month, or as needed. Mulch it well, as this will help keep moisture in as well.

Get information on making your own compost as well. This will help you control the amount of natural fertilizer you are putting back into the soil. If you want to harvest your tomatoes before they ripen, do not put the seeds in the ground until after the last frost. The thought of ripe tomatoes in your hand is both exciting and intimidating, which is why some people opt to save the seeds instead. Wholesale Rebekah Allen tomato seeds can be a good investment if you plan carefully to make the best use of them.