Wholesale Rebekah Allen Tomato Seeds

Rebekah Allen started selling her wholesale tomato products online in 2021. Her business has grown since then and she is one of the fastest growing wholesale distributors of seeds and tomatoes in the world today. Her wholesale tomato business is located in Michigan, where it is warm year round. She enjoys traveling and being on the road most of the year. Her wholesale products are shipped to distributors around the country on a regular basis.

wholesale Rebekah Allen Tomato seeds

Her business started out with just two varieties of tomatoes but today, she has over sixteen varieties. Her favorite variety is the tomato called the Florida Giant. This tomato is one of the biggest and sweetest of all. It takes three growing seasons to mature. Rebekah Allen seeds can help you get that big jump starting your own garden. Your plants will grow strong and healthy using the Rebekah Allen seeds.

Rebekah started her business by simply purchasing a few bags of seeds from a wholesale nursery in Michigan and planting the seeds a few weeks later. She planted six tomato plants one year and three in the ground the following year. Her plants grew very well and now she has a nice large garden with plenty of room for growing. Her tomatoes produce berries in the spring and the rest of the summer. Her berries taste great when harvested in the fall. Her wholesale seed company now produces all the fruit it needs.

Rebekah started her business with just one greenhouse but now, she has several that are big enough to hold many tomato plants. Her plants stay healthy because she only brings the best seedling into the greenhouse. She grows different varieties and colors in her garden. Her customers keep asking for more varieties to add to their plantings. Every time a new one comes in the greenhouse, they are sold right away. Her seeds are still the top seller.

Rebekah Allen is not your typical wholesaler. She grows her own tomatoes using sustainable methods. That is one reason why her wholesale tomato products are so popular. She believes in supporting local agriculture. She provides helpful tips on how to grow and care for her crops.

Rebekah started her business at the age of 18 when she was doing home repairs to make money. She would bring tomatoes from the grocery to her home and plant them herself. Her love of gardening kept her in the greenhouse for long hours, sometimes days, filling it with dirt. When the harvest season was over, she would empty out her wholesale bins and stack them high in her backyard. Her friends and family would come by to admire her handiwork and ask questions about her products. Now, she not only sells her tomatoes in wholesale, but also sells her seeds and plant products through her own company, Rebekah's Tomatoes.

Many customers have supported her by growing their own gardens. Her plants thrive, and customers are excited to see the results of their hard work. Each tomato plant that goes through her hands produces tomatoes that are perfect for you to enjoy right away. Her tomato seeds are tested before they are planted so that you are sure to receive top quality tomatoes. If you have never tried tomato seeds before, this could be a great place to start.

Rebekah's Tomatoes has expanded since she started her business. She offers several different types of handpicked fresh tomatoes for you to grow in your own garden. Her focus has been on growing healthy, organic tomatoes that can be enjoyed by customers right away. Her commitment to her customers has resulted in great success so far, and she looks forward to continually improving the quality of her plants and tomatoes in the future.