Wholesale Rebekah Allen Tomato Seeds

If you want to grow tomatoes, one of the best choices is Rebekah Allen. Her tomato plants are both gorgeous and very easy to care for. Her tomatoes have won awards from the Arkansas Tomato Association and have been featured in various gardening publications. Her wholesale Rebekah Allen seeds are also known for their hardiness. They can handle blistering cold weather and dry spells. That is just the way they are and Rebekah's seeds are known for their toughness.

When she was a little girl, her family grew squash, eggplant and melon in one area of their land. Her father, an older gardener, decided to try his hand at tomato growing and thought that Rebekah might enjoy the fruit too. He invested in some low quality seeds and started plants in that garden. In no time, the garden was well established and Rebekah soon had hundreds of plants.

Her mother, though disapproving, never said anything. Her friends would stop by on a regular basis to ask what it was that she was doing with her daughter. One day, as Rebekah and her mother were walking on the land with the squash, a neighbor stopped and asked them what they were doing. Surprisingly, Rebekah's mother told them that she was putting tomatoes in her mouth. The neighbors were shocked. Rebekah, embarrassed, tried to explain that she was only trying out the seeds and that she didn't intend to eat the tomatoes.

Her mother wasn't buying Rebekah's story. She knew that she should wait until after the seeds had germinated and could be transplanted. However, Rebekah's stubborn nature had other ideas. She stomped off to the garden and picked up the two smallest tomatoes she could find. Before long, she had them covering every available surface and the look of frustration was visible when Rebekah, her mother, and the rest of the family walked through the door.

In an attempt to get Rebekah to eat vegetables, her mother offered her two options: either learn to grow her own vegetables or take a cooking class. Rebekah ignored her mother's offers, choosing instead to go after her dream. Growing her own tomatoes was not only going to help her with her health problem; it was also going to provide her with a way to have a financial outlet for her good taste buds. Her success with the seeds would give her another opportunity to make good money.

Fortunately for her, Rebekah's mother was kind enough to lend her a hand when it came to making the actual seeds. After putting the soil on top of the soil, Rebekah's mother filled in the bottom with gravel to keep the seeds from sticking to the gravel. They then started spreading the dirt around inside the greenhouse, piling it high with what Rebekah called "pea gravel." Finally, they covered the pea gravel with some more dirt. Then Rebekah and her mother were ready to go.

Now that it was spring, it was time to let the tomato plants grow up. Although the weather was still cold, the temperature was rising so the plants could begin to break down the dead plant cells that lay on top of the soil. Rebekah and her mother would check on the plants every few days, keeping an eye out for the kind of green growth that signifies the seed has succeeded in growing. When it was obvious to them that a plant was not growing as well as it could, they would remove the dead plant and add new soil. Soon the greenhouse was filled with healthy plants that could be seen through the green leaves of summer.

For those who would like to try their hand at growing their own vegetables, Rebekah Allen wholesale Rebekah plantings are a great place to start. Her tomato seeds can be purchased online. The seeds can be planted in a variety of conditions from wet clay soil to rocky limestone. Most seeds are delivered to you free of charge and in early spring Rebekah Allen is ready to help you start your garden.