Wholesale San Marzano Tomato Seeds
wholesale San Marzano Tomato seeds

If you are planning to grow tomatoes at home, then you should consider purchasing wholesale San Marzano Tomato seeds. These seeds are quite affordable and you can grow them in a variety of different containers in your backyard or patio. You can eat your tomatoes fresh or use them in salads, and you can grow several varieties in a small space. The seeds are very easy to grow and you can easily buy them online or from a local farmer.

These tomatoes are quite productive and yield 1 x 5-inch red paste tomatoes. The San Marzano variety was developed through years of dehybridization to produce its distinctive flavor. It's a favorite among Italians. Among other types, it also has excellent flavor and holds up well in storage. However, you can't expect them to be ready in time for your Thanksgiving feast, so it's a good idea to purchase them at a wholesale price.

The San Marzano Tomato is a low-acidity, plum-shaped fruit. It is cultivated in volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius, giving it a sweet, low-acid taste. San Marzano tomatoes are prized for their thick, firm pulp, deep red color, and ease of peeling. They have low seed count and are highly suited for puree, paste, and canning because they are rich in solids.

Tomatoes begin to ripen when they produce the hormone ethylene. This hormone is a natural growth regulator. The fruit ripens from the inside out, meaning that the center matures before the outer skin. You can tell when a tomato is ready by observing how the white lines cross at the blossom end. When the pink blush is on the tomato, it is ripe. Pull it gently and it will fall from the vine.