Wholesale San Marzano Tomato Seeds
wholesale San Marzano Tomato seeds

To grow the best tomatoes possible, purchase wholesale San Marzano Tomato seeds. These seeds are easy to grow, and the result is a delicious tomato with a rich flavor. Make sure you purchase them from a trusted source, or directly from seed farms in Italy. Although they are widely available, you will find that some varieties have higher prices than others. It is important to choose the right variety for your growing conditions and climate, as the wrong type of tomato can lead to a number of problems.

The San Marzano tomato is similar to the Roma tomato, but is smaller and more pointed. Its walls are thicker and have fewer seeds. These tomatoes are less acidic than other varieties, and are generally sweeter. These tomato varieties grow in the Sarnese Nocerino region of Italy, which has a high water table. Because of this, they produce heavy yields and delicious sauces.