Wholesale Sasha Altai Tomato Seeds

Wholesale Sasha Altai Tomato seeds are difficult to find in your local grocery store. However, you can purchase them online, saving you the trouble of scouring the stores for these rare and unusual plants. You can also plant Sasha Altai tomatoes for commercial use, or for personal consumption. Wholesale Sasha Altai Tomato seeds are inexpensive, and you can save a lot of money on shipping costs too.

Sasha Altai Tomatoes are slightly flattened and weigh between two and eight ounces. They are prolific, sweet, and tangy, and they have deep blue layers. Growing season is short, but harvest is prolific. The tomato originated in a Siberian town and was later bred by a home gardener. Seedman Bill McDorman developed the plant.

This tomato is a favorite of the 2012 Taste of Tomato. The resulting fruit is compact and produces large quantities of ripe fruit by mid-August. The fruits are between two and three inches in diameter and have greenish shoulders. Their unique taste is sweet, tangy, and balanced, making them perfect for a home garden or high tunnel. In addition, they can be grown successfully in both warm and cold climates.

Seeds for Sasha Altai Tomatoes can be obtained from a variety of sources. Seeds from Greta's are open-pollinated and are suitable for Canadian zone 5a. Their catalogs are in both English and French. This company sells both home-gardeners and commercial growers. A great place to buy wholesale Sasha Altai Tomato seeds is through a reputable seed company.

OP. Seeds offers wholesale Sasha Altai Tomato seeds from a Canadian company. All of their seeds are high quality, untreated, and have proven to be delicious. They are also free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The company's website has a comprehensive catalogue of varieties. They can also be purchased through a local seed store. The company's website also includes a link to order Sasha Altai Tomato seeds.