Why Grow Oriental Greens?
Oriental greens seeds

Why Grow Oriental Greens?

If you love stir fries, then you should give yourself a try with Oriental greens. These little seeds are very easy to sprout and will grow in just a few weeks. They are high in vitamin A and C making them a great addition to your diet if you like to eat healthy. The taste is slightly bitter but not as much as with other types of vegetables. You will want to be careful of the fact that it takes some time for the seeds to germinate but if you do it will be worth the wait.

These little seeds are just about black in color when they are fresh but once they have been exposed to air they turn a darker red. The earlier you sow them the better. Just be sure to cover the rows spaced evenly when you start so they will not take all day to sprout. Some early spring farmers prefer to use a bale of alfalfa to do this and it makes the job go faster.

One of the reasons why the Chinese enjoy stir frying so much is because of the nutritional value of the vegetable itself. By taking the time to sow these early seasons you can increase the amount of Vitamin C you are getting from each serving. This is especially good for any woman that may be on birth control pills and wants to avoid the chance of dangerous levels of estrogen.

With the cold weather moves in, now may be a great time to sow your early seasons. This will keep your indoor garden warm and healthy through the winter. By taking care to sow your seeds just a few weeks early you will be ready to enjoy those wonderful sunny days as well as the beautiful colors of the greens. You may have to repot them at some point in the season but that shouldn't take long with the right type of starter soil. Your indoor garden will reward you with many new growing seasons of great tasting greens.

Oriental greens aren't hard to find in your local grocery store or seed packets at the local garden center. They do tend to be more expensive than your typical vegetables so keep that in mind when shopping. If you are just starting out, I suggest buying some seeds and planting them yourself. If you are a beginner at gardening then buy some quality seed packets. The ones you buy at the garden center will be sown and planted by someone else so you can get all the help you can.

Making your own seed mixes can sometimes be a little difficult. These are typically thinner cut seeds which will make the process of germination more rapid. You want to make sure you don't use too much water when you first start out and then increase the water slowly as you grow.

You can also buy seeds online from different companies. When buying seeds online make sure you buy ones that are specifically for growing Oriental greens. Also make sure to buy organic if you want to benefit your garden in any way. Sometimes you can get good quality seeds but they may be more expensive than normal seeds.

As with anything like this it will take some time to be successful. But remember, if you put in the effort you will reap the rewards in no time. It's not just seeds that you need to start growing. It's also soil, food and water. But once you start, you'll wonder why you weren't doing this sooner.