Why You Should Buy Wholesale Black Cherry Tomato Seeds
wholesale Black Cherry Tomato seeds

If you're looking to purchase Black Cherry Tomato seeds for growing your own tomatoes, you're in luck. They grow in most areas, are incredibly hardy, and can survive even the harshest of weather conditions. In fact, they can even thrive in poor soil conditions. Read on to learn more about this popular crop. Below are some reasons you should buy black cherry tomato seeds. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Black Cherry Tomato: This one inch round tomato is smoky and chocolate-red. The interior is incredibly juicy with a rich, complex flavor. This tomato grows in prolific numbers, and produces eight to ten fruit bunches per plant. As an edible garnish, this fruit looks elegant on your table. It's perfect for salads, salsa, and gazpao. It's a favorite among chefs and home gardeners alike, and can be found in grocery stores and on the web.

To start growing your own Black Cherry Tomatoes, make sure you have a sunny location and a generous space. The plants should be planted at least 50 cm (20") apart. When the first truss forms, pin the sides of the plant to prevent the tomatoes from rubbing together. Watering daily is essential to ensure they thrive. When the berries start to fall off, you should harvest them immediately. Otherwise, they will become weakened and die.