Wild Celery Seeds For Cooking and Diet
Celery seeds

Wild Celery Seeds For Cooking and Diet

Celery seeds can be used both fresh and dried. The seeds, when cooked, have a mild nutty taste that is best used in soups and stews. The seeds can be eaten on their own or added to a savory sauce for a mouthwatering treat. The dried fruit, the edible part of the plant, is available both as whole seeds in a bag or in dry powder form. Fresh fruit is available in its pressed juice form; the powdered form can be mixed with water to make a delicious juice.

Grounded celery seeds make a fine snack. They are a bit more chewy than whole celery seeds but not enough to be crunchy. The seeds can be ground just before use and stored in the freezer or refrigerated for up to a week. However, the grinding process means that the seeds lose most of their flavor and oils, which means it is better to purchase the ungrounded seed packs and grind them fresh before you plan to use them.

A traditional blend of three-eighth teaspoon each of thyme, Rosemary and fennel is very similar in taste and appearance to ground celery salt. This spice is used in many Italian recipes, including pizza sauce and pasta sauce. Other popular brand names include American Indian Spice and Caribbean Heat. An unrefined salt version may also be available. Some herbalists recommend licorice for bladder control.

The herb niacin is one of the main ingredients in many commercial dietary supplements made from whole grains, nuts and seeds. Ayurvedic medicine recognizes the following properties in the spice celery seed substitutes: an excellent source of carotene (vitamin A), thiamin (vitamin B3) and folic acid (folic acid is a B-complex vitamin that is important for ensuring a healthy nervous system and proper mental function). Celery seeds contain all three of these vitamins in significantly higher amounts than they are found in other whole grains. For this reason, many people choose to add a teaspoon of ground celery seed to a glass of orange juice to get the same amount of vitamin A that they would get from eating an orange. There are no reported side effects with this natural supplement.

Celery Seeds and Ayurvedic Medicine One of the most common uses for celery seeds are to relieve digestive complaints including heartburn and flatulence. Consuming a teaspoonful two times a day is said to help ease the symptoms associated with these two conditions. To prepare for this treatment, mix one cup of dry mustard in a cup of hot water until the mustard begins to foam and then gradually add the dry mustard to your glass of water, stirring continuously.

Celery Seeds and Diabetes What have made celery seeds popular as a snack food among diabetics is the fact that it is considered to be a gentle and effective appetite suppressant. Because of this, people suffering from diabetes may find that consuming small quantities of this herb helps them control their blood sugar levels more easily than they do prescription medications. Using a teaspoon full of dried wild celery seeds blended into a cup of water with a little honey or lemon juice as a dip for bread or a salad is a good way to increase the ability of diabetics to control their blood sugar. This method will likely not work on people who are hypoglycemic, however.

Celery Seeds and Thai Food Celery seeds have also been used in Thai dishes for quite some time. The taste is much like that of Cayenne, but much less spicy. When using them to season Thai dishes, be careful to only use a small amount. Large amounts can create an intense flavor that some people do not prefer, and the seeds can also cause indigestion if eaten too much.

Cheddar's Drops of Gourmet Cheese spread is another great example of how wild celery seeds can be used to add flavors to a number of common dishes. These gourmet cheese spreads are widely available at small shops all over the world. Smallage breed cheddar's may cost a bit more than the more popular cheddar that you find at the grocery store. However, many people report that the taste is still excellent, and that they like the small quantities more. As with any product, it is wise to shop around before purchasing a large container of a certain product. A small quantity may be just what you need for everyday cooking.